Handmade Soap Dispenser

I’ve highlighted one of these I made here, but now I have a step by step tutorial at Garanimals! I made this one for the SUPER teachers at my sons school.

There are so many different uses for these…..



This one I made for a friend using her daughters art work



This is another version of the one I first made, just in a foaming soap dispenser. There are so many different containers you can put these in. I even have one I made with my dish detergent in.


You can also make them using photos, other subway art, quotations. handwritten notes from your children and more. Just think of the possibilities and ability to make these personalized. Remember to check out theĀ step by step tutorial at Garanimals.


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    Glenda says

    I made this with my craft class a few weeks ago. They turned out stunning. We put pics of flowers on them and I really think this has so many possibilities that no two would ever be the same. Thinking this would make a great Christmas gift as well stowed away in a basket with other bath/body/bathroom items. Thanks for sharing yours.

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    I linked up on Tip Junkie and am following the rules, you linked up ahead of me.this post for hand sanitized is a good reminder, I so wanted to do this for the beginning of school, last year!


  1. [...] Plus, you can do this with soap or hand sanitizer and with many different size bottles. You just need to be able to take the labels off. You can see other pictures of ways I used it here along with a tutorial I did on Garanimals. [...]

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