Our Amazing Race


Ever watch the Amazing Race and dream about being on it?

I always knew it wouldn’t turn out good if myself and Gary were on the show.

We have having a really good “practice” this weekend with a make shift amazing race type event.

Remember one of our favorite family hobbies I talked about over the last year? This weekend we are at a Geocaching Bash (a convention of sorts)where there are over 60 geocaches hidden just for this event to be found throughout the city.

I liken a lot of this event to the contest show The Amazing Race – getting a clue (our GPS coordinate) driving to get to it and finding the hidden object. With this geocaching trip there are hundreds of people from around the United States trying to find these special event caches. With every 10 caches you find and stamp you get a raffle tickets. Tomorrow evening you can win prizes and money with your raffle tickets.

It is funny how many similarities there are – Frantic running from cache to cache from people trying to score all of them is the best part. Some of the other teams are helpful – pointing you n the right direction, while others just stay to themselves, just like the show.

The funny part is, our team (my family) have already experienced many of the stressful moments you see in the show ……..

  • The inability to read a map and the distrust that the driver (Gary) has for the map reader (myself)
  • The infamous lost item (our kids losing things in the car and almost leaving the bag with the scorecard behind)
  • Going too fast and trusting the other cachers as to parking and having to walk an extra half mile, when there was a nearby entrance just up the road

We have also experienced some great moments:

  • The excitement of one of the boys when they find that hidden cache
  • Experienceing different parts of the countryside and city
  • Learning to take time and enjoy the experience Plus our family hitting our 200th geocache milestone while attending this event.

There were even some “good tv” moments……like me trying to pee in some long grass in a marsh land. I really did that and survived without incident.

And the day was full of “roadblocks” – Check out the picture of Ian and I rowing out to get one cache or when Gary had to balance on a log over a river while reaching for a cache hanging out of a tree.

It’s been quite fun! After an evening of swimming and dinner, we have another full day ahead of us tomorrow…… Stay tuned for more great stories this weekend!

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