Baked Kale Chips


Happy St. Patricks Day! Today my oldest needed to bring a green food to school for snack time for the "Eatin' of the Greens." One of his favorite things I make is baked Kale. It is a healthy alternative to chips. The first time I made this my sons were eating lunch and I left it out on the counter in case they wanted to try some. My oldest tried it and loved it - if fact he loved it so much he ate all but a few scraps on the bottom of the bowl. He insisted I make it for todays ... [ Read More ]

How I Spent my Christmas Vacation


Our whole family has been off since December 21……that's 12 days that we have had off. It could have gone so bad, but has been so amazing! Alas, today everyone went back to school and work. It's very quiet in our house now. I miss the fun we had over Christmas Vacation. I did a lot of sleeping in…... We worked on puzzles I got to spend a lot of time on Pinterest Caught up on my  news feeds Listened to some of my favorite podcasts Learned how to bake on a smaller scale Had ... [ Read More ]

Defining the New Year through One Word ~ Positive


Don't you love the freshness of a New Year? It reminds me of so many beauty…. Fresh cut grass A fresh snowfall A new baby This year I am embracing it ~ differently…... In the past I liked to make list of resolutions. Lose weight, spend less money, organize the house, declutter… goes on and on. Every year it was pretty much the same with a new item added and others taken away. They didn't work. That's why every year they said pretty much the same thing. Primarily because ... [ Read More ]

Bundle up with


I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. What is better than having someone else make your food? I love to go out to eat. Not having to take time out of my busy day to make a meal is one of the best things to me! is a great place to find placed to eat at an affordable price. is the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and dinners nationwide.  The company ... [ Read More ]

Over the River and Through the Woods……


It's that time of year when there may be a lot of traveling for you. Right now, you might even be dreading the trip home from the long Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted to share some tips to make the ro ad trip a little easier for you and your little ones. Bring along some favorite movies or audio stories. Audio versions of holiday classics like The Night Before Christmas or The Polar Express are a great distraction for little ones. I also love to make a holiday playlist that contains all of ... [ Read More ]

Holiday Travel Messes


With two boys under the age of 8 I am truly a mini-van Mom. I love the stow and go seating. I can go from carrying my kids and friends to basketball practice to filling the van with holiday gifts just by tucking the seats under the floor.  I can carry the wagon so we can tote our stuff to the holiday parade spot or fold up the seats and fill the car with friends and family. It is so easy to change from just 2 seats all the way to 7. Then there is the day to day drive that creates  a ... [ Read More ]

Treat Holiday Cards and Gift Giveaway

Treat Logo

Disclosure: I was selected for the Treat Giveaway campaign with Resourceful Mommy Media. For this campaign, I will receive 1 mug & 1 set of personal stationery from Treat (the same as my giveaway winner). As Thanksgiving approaches next week, it really is time to start thinking about what holiday cards you need to purchase. Don't forget Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and even that special teacher. Treat by Shutterfly has a great one-to-one holiday card collection with lots of ... [ Read More ]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas…..


Have you noticed the stores are starting to fill with Christmas items? I've seen Christmas candy, wrapping, lights, and decorations, but I haven't seen christmas cards yet. So, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite Christmas Card companies ~ Minted! Every year I struggle to find the perfect card to represent the past year. I have found Minted cards to not only have beautiful options, but also the product itself is high quality. The paper is thick and high quality and the printing is ... [ Read More ]

Year of the Staycation 2013


Yesterday, you may have caught my Staycation post highlighting things to do in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Below are links to Stay-cation posts from around the United States. Enjoy - even if you aren't necessarily taking a stay-cation check out the area you are taking a vacation to and you might find some great places to visit!   Mid Atlantic NW (or all), Connecticut :: Parenting Miracles Boston (or all), Massachusetts :: Maven of Savin Central, New Jersey :: Our Good LIfe Adirondak ... [ Read More ]